Welcome to Casa Elite. Welcome home.

For you to have the best time with us, together with our team, we have created wonderful and exciting activities and programs. With our programs, we see to it that you can also bond and talk with fellow residents so as to boost and develop your social skills.

  • In-house movie nights and movie theatre outings
  • Board games and card games
  • Outdoor exercises
  • Baking activities
  • Birthday, holiday, and anniversary celebrations
  • Surprises
  • Music nights
  • Trip to parlors
  • Dance music nights with Elvis
  • Bingo nights
  • Christian music karaoke nights
  • Monthly manicure, pedicure and hair cuts
  • Others

Each of our activities are designed to cater to physical as well as cognitive aspects for the wellness and well-being of each of our residents. We encourage every resident to participate and have fun but respect their choice. We are inviting you to know more about our programs and activities. Please send us a message today to inquire.